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From 12 top weird news stories of 2009

Soooo...no-one is charging the offended people with trespassing or voyuerism?  I need to research this one a bit just for my own curiosity!

TMI...this may be why some people ask that you don't "just drop by"....

Top 12

10. Nude Coffee Kerfuffle: When 29-year-old Erick Williamson got busted in his own home for drinking his morning coffee in the nude, civil libertarians suddenly had a whole new war to fight.

Fairfax County Police Dept.
Erick Williamson calls drinking coffee in the nude "very liberating."

It seems that two women and a 7-year-old boy spotted Williamson sipping java au naturel while they cut through his yard on the way to a park. Prosecutors contended that Williamson was "intentionally naked" – lingering near windows just trying to be seen – and a jury convicted him of indecent exposure.

The judge did not fine or sentence him. But Williamson is still vowing to appeal. He told The Washington Post that the case was about "personal freedom," and to stumble out of bed for some morning joe in the raw is "very liberating."
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