Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Weekends and family and working-on-its

So Emily is back from motherpockets '  and seymoure 's house and brought me prezzies they sent!  I got a red bottle shaped like a heart and a possibly-cursed-but-huge-and-gorgeous seashell (now being salted just-in-case), a tiny/cute pillow handmade by bleuberi21 , and a dragon incense holder and a handmade tarot bag from juliegocrazy  and ericcaptdrake .  I couldn't even go and still made a haul!

Also she brought back a Pi with her -- chaoticfayth  -- who had supper with us and whom I then drove home.

And I am working on candles and jewelry for VisionCon, and have offered a corner of my table there for SCA info if they cannot get a table in the main area.  And will be getting a few extra things for the table as well.  Soaps have generally not sold well for me there, but I will take a very few that I already have made (like the chocolate frogs).  Mainly I'm concentrating on Dragon candles and Skull candles; I also have a few of the 2" tall goddess candle sets that will be on display.  And, to get rid of some of the larger beads that I don't tend to use, there will be a bowl and plastic baggies -- I can put 20 beads in the baggie and still seal it, so I'm thinking "dollar a bag" for that.  It won't recoup what I spent on them, but I'm not using them and want the space back.

Need to pick up some black mousetail and bugtail while I'm at it. 

Knees were VERY achy this morning.  Gotta be the weather.  And I need to lose weight to give those knees an easier time.  Well, I'm working on it!

Tags: family, visioncon
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