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I saw a post somewhere asking for donations for a home for unwed teenage mothers. The website looked OK, until I got to one certain part: the girls must attend church services.

Residents attend church on Sundays. They may attend the church of their choice or go with our group.

So, no Seventh-Day Adventists or Jewish girls ever get pregnant out of wedlock? Good to know.

What types of classes and services are available to your young ladies?

A. Many things:
A loving, homelike environment.
Nutritional meals.
Proper role models
Clothing for young ladies and babies.
Help with personal problems.
Access to adequate pre-natal and medical care.
Pre-natal and birth classes.
Group Counseling.
Pediatric health care.
Parenting and infant care training.
Building healthy relationships and boundaries.
Health education.
Education (high school or GED).
Internet access for community resources
Money management classes
Bible studies and religious resources.
Adoption education and referral.

Religious resources? Really! Which religion?

The main page and the "program" page made no mention of this, it's near the bottom of a laundry list of "requirements" on the FAQ page.

I was ready to send a small donation until I read that.

To me, it's like "If you're willing to become a Christian, we'll help you. If you're Buddhist, or Pagan, or Jewish, or....well, nevermind."

I'm petty, I suppose.

They have been doing fine without my "mite," they can continue so.

I don't donate to the Salvation Army either, since they turned me down the one time I needed help badly enough to ask them for it.

*shrug* Like I said, I reserve the right to be petty at times.
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