Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

I may have just saved myself some major frustration.

I responded to this post
and asked for a feedback link, got this:

I have feedback on the BPAL page here: http://feedback.bpal.org/censura.php?cmd=details&itemid=13591

I haven't been on LJ long enough to set up a feedback page here. Let me know if you're still interested, and thanks for looking!

When I googled the paypal address, I got this:



I went back and retracted my offer, and ishtarswrath has suddenly deleted her LJ!

I was wondering whether I should feel bad for bringing history in, but if she's reformed she would not have deleted her account and her sale post. Now I'm expecting some drama-llama attack on the comms next time I post.
Tags: bpal, dispute, drama, ethics, warning!
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ok, i'm out of the bpal loop....why did you link me to this
The actual post was on EE, and was chock-full of NA stuff -- put up by someone several people including me had a great deal of trouble from.

Sorry to have bothered you, and I'll take you off the "early warning list " :)
ah, ok! i wish i could afford to do bpal right now but i can't...probably need to sell some of my stuff actually....

Seriously, if you decide to sell, especially if it's resins...I'd love to look it over. No huhu either way, though :)
All of mine is mid-2008 or earlier, and it's all oils rather than any of the Trading Post stuff....anything in particular you're looking for
Three witches, aged Cairo, Fenris Wold, and right now I'd sell my kid to get someone a bottle (or imp) each of DeSade and Whip. Since DeSade came down JUST before I started getting paychecks again, no-one has any they'll part with!
I'll hang onto this comment, and when I actually get around to going through my bottles I'll see what I have. I can pretty much guarantee that I have at least one bottle of 3 Witches, and probably some imps of a few of the others.