Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Those of you who know both of us

know that DH identifies as Emily now, though realignment surgery is not currently in the forecast.

For those who don't know both of us, this may be a bit of a surprise.

Anyhow, just so's everyone knows, I'm fine with it.

We talked about this (at least the dressing part, which at the time was "all" either of us thought it was) before ever getting serious and she has all my support and love while continuing to discover herself.

And it's kinda cool b/c I hate/loathe/despise shopping for clothes...she'll go grab something off the rack and bring it to the fitting room for me and since she knows my taste, there's a lot less "ARE YOU F*N KIDDING ME?????" coming from my booth!

Also, any questions may be asked; I may refer some to Em if her viewpoint is requested, but I'll answer what I can from mine.
Tags: dh, family
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