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Aardvarks! From Elizabeth Donald.

I've been quietly adding short stories to the Literary Underworld web site. I call them Aardvarks: short stories that they don't really fit anywhere else.

Currently available are:
• Sisyphus
• Rabbit Hole Day
• Up the Rabbit Hole
• Saving Melanie

Others will be coming soon. They're $2.50 each for a PDF download, with artwork as created by me. Yes, at some point I will take submissions from authors for short stories to offer on the site. Not right away; we have a limited number of slots. But it's coming.

Find the Aardvarks
here. And, y'know, don't keep it to yourself. Literary Underworld needs more traffic, not just for my personal profit, but for my authors. We're all struggling, and the prospects are dismal for those of us who make our living putting pen to paper.

So check out LiteraryUnderworld.com. Register as a member so we can keep you informed of new products there (and I can stop using this blog as random advertising). Pick up an Aardvark if you're so moved. Consider our books for your holiday gifts. Spread the word to others.
Thank you. It means a lot.

From this entry on her LJ.

I read reannon 's stuff. I like it enough that I get her books to give as presents. Coming from me, that tells you what?

You like short-scary? Go get Setting Suns.

You like vampires? Nocturne.

Tell you what -- if you get my name in a gift swap and don't know what to get me, go buy one of her books and either keep it for yourself or give it to someone else, let me know about it, and THAT is my present. More people need to know about her.

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