Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Bliss soaps -- preliminary review

So I heard a small business in Seattle was having a twofer sale -- buy and pay, and they'll ship double what you ordered!

So I drop over $50 on product and another $13 on shipping, thinking I'll get 18 soaps and 2 deodorants...it shipped 10 days after ordering, and arrived 14 days after that -- Priority mail, so I'm wondering if it was shipped when the invoice said....(Just checked the postage label -- the invoice said it shipped 11 Nov, date on the printed label was 21 Nov. Can't blame the PO there!)

And it got here today...and it was not packed properly. No padding to keep things from shifting in the box, several of the soaps were not labeled (and it's not easy to tell from the pix on the website what they were supposed to be), some don't smell anything like the description (and I think I know what patchouli smells like by now), and most of the wrappers were soaked with the deodorant when the container smashed...and just what I ordered, not doubled at all. In fact, due to the damaged labels, I'm not certain I got what I ordered.

Some few of the soaps look to be salvageable for my own use, but most were supposed to be presents. I'll use things that aren't quite right, but I won't give them as gifts.

Now to be fair, when I called the store, the guy who answered the phone (possibly one of the owners) sounded quite upset -- they had had such a response to the sale they hired in some people JUST to pick and pack. This may explain the whole deal. And they are supposed to ship a replacement order. I'll post again when the new order gets here.
Tags: e-tailer soaps, problem
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