Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Something I'm thinking about....

I got a letter today asking if I'd be interested in renewing membership in a certain group I used to belong to -- I enjoyed it for awhile, but eventually it go to where the monthly meetings were nothing more than "bitch sessions." The time that broke it for me was when one of the older men (late 50's, I believe) was fussing about the trash on the sides of the roads. This was back when the "adopt-a-street" stuff was just coming into fashion, and I suggested that we, as a group, do just that. Turned out he -- and several of the others -- would rather complain than do something about it. Yes, I remember that, and yes, the behavior of a few members colors my perception of the whole group, which may be quite unjust. (If it matters, I do go out with a certain group now and then and pick up trash. Depends on my schedule and whether I am informed that they're going.)

The group is an international one with a fairly large membership, and several events during the year in various places I might enjoy going; there are evening and lunchtime meetings still in the local area.

SO, my dears, what advice have you? Give it another try? Tell 'em to go hang? Call up and ask if certain people have gotten their heads out of their respective dufflebags yet?
Tags: discussions, questions (semi-rhetorical)
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