Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Hypoglycemia and weight loss


I've tried to lose weight, and I tend to get REALLY crabby (irritable) and confused, more so than other people who cut back on food intake. It has been suggested by people that i respect that I may have hypoglycemia.

I do sometimes forget to eat if I'm involved in something -- and Dear Husband has found me so disoriented that I wasn't sure of my own name a time or two! -- this seems to support that theory.

The "treatment" for this seems to be to eat more! (Well, more often, but far smaller amounts. Just enough to not crash-and-burn.)

I've taken to having nuts (almonds or peanuts) with me at work and have a couple of tablespoons-worth on break, and I've noticed that I do get less "fuzzy-headed" and less flat-out HUNGRY but lunch and by suppertime.

So...how to balance this so I get even amounts and still lose weight? I don't expect sugar-free Jello to do a damn thing but taste sweet, cookies are right out for THIS, though I do like a couple after lunch, wonder of carrot stichs would keep in the desk drawer...hmm.

I know if I mention this to an allopathic physician (either an MD or a DO) they're gonna want to do many expensive tests and probably drug me -- any suggestions to find out just what I need to do without taking that avenue?
Tags: diy, life, medical, opinions wanted, weightloss
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