Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Crass commercial post

Shell bottles -- I wouldn't put liquid in them, but for powders or "just for pretty" they would be fine. 
I do have two of the heart-boxes, those both have a loop for a ribbon
or somesuch to hang on a wall or wear if you wish!

I have three each of the red- and gold-accented bottles, one each of the green- and lilac-.

Brocade box:  one pink/lilac left!

And remember the filigree pendant purses I had a couple of years ago?  Got 7  6    3 more!   
Put a drop of perfume oil on a bit of cotton and tuck it in, use as an amulet pouch, or for little keepsakes.

Shell bottles will be tucked in an organza pouch, bubblewrapped and taped, and mailed in a box. 
Glass bottles already come in a pretty box, but I'll add a gift bag on request.
Brocade boxes will also be bagged.

Prices:  Bottles and boxes, $5 each; pendants, $7 each.

Swappage considered!

Paypal address is FifthHouse at gmail dot com.

(Please be sure your mailing address with paypal is up-to-date -- they keep telling me this one and that one are "unverified" even when I've sent to the same people b4 with no problem!)

Shipping in the US will be $5 for the bottles in a small flat rate box for up to 4 bottles.
Boxes will be your choice of box ($5) or $3 for a bubble envie for one, add $1 for each additional.
Lockets will go in a bubble envie for $2.50, $1 each add'l.
Yes, I'll combine .
Shipping can be combined with purchases from my BPAL sale post, please put ALL items wanted in THIS post for now.  Thanks!
Tags: bottles, bpal, cleaning out, gifts, sale
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