Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
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Third week of training and on Thursday, I left early (not feeling well).  Friday I go to drive on in, get to Republic and...it ain't happening.  Called in.  Called the doc and they got me in the same morning, though I was a new patient.  Mucinex D and a puffer...I don't think the mucinex is doing much good, as I'm still coughing like mad.  Headache, coughing, muscle aches, what I cough up is clear and no nausea nor fever so I think it's not the 'flu.  Slept most of yesterday and today.

ETA:  About two hours after this, I hit that little :bump: that says, "OK, you're done, Rest up one day and back to work with you!"  Normal amounts of coughing and honking (normal for me, anyhow), and tylenol took care of the remaining HA. 

However, now akaemilyrose has it.

Riley, ain'tcha glad you're not here this week?
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