Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Offer to Friends first: Estate Sale?

Cleaning out more Estate stuff, and ran across

Pack 1:  some aquarium supplies.  
If you are in the Springfield area, we'll meet and I'll hand it over,
Out of area, I think it'll fit in a flat-rate box, yours for postage (or I'll hand over to someone to get it to you).

Net, never used (thank goodness!)
Whisper Power Filter and pack of 4 filter cartridges (junior)
Clean and Easy (whatever it is)
Aqua Culture air pump

All for 5-15 gallon indoor aquarium.

Pack 2:  two "scanners", radio things not the computer things.  $5 each.

Item 3:  TV mount that puts a smaller TV up on the wall so you can bang your head against it if you're tall or can watch it from in bed.  Mounting bolts included.  $10?  $5?

Item 4:  Electric Broom -- not much good on carpet, but OK on floors.  Breaks down to a hand-vac also.  $5  Take it.

Item 5:     

I dunno, how about "get 'em out of my way"?

6)  Small  of...thread?  Yarn?  Postage or pickup, I don't think I have a use for it.

7:  Blow dryer w/ 8-foot long cord -- it works, we just plugged it in and checked.  $2?

8:  Basket, about a foot tall w/ lid, looks   Index cards to show scale
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