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Rant again.

The people who wrote the excerpts behind the cut are professionals, with schooling beyond secondary -- some have multiple degrees and work in marketing or teach. I, however, find it difficult to give credence to their advice or credentials when they put so little effort into expressing themselves clearly.

These are from different sites and different posters. I'm not picking on any one person.
i am looking to find a therpist to exchange regular massages with. as i've contemplated the fact that i NEED to get massages regular, being a single mom of 2 leaves nothing left in the budge to take care of myself. additionally, i have found that my options are few in what i am looking for.

#2: I have had a couple of people say similar and teh truth is they cant find
someone at their price which is why they want to break you down and make you
cave . And to think this is a family member no less
do they 4 you agreed too and then do not waiver Tell her your time is valuable
and you have other clients who are willing to pay full price , never imply
that you are having any financial issues ever to anyone unless they are a
trusted confidant . One of my clients was telling me how all the spas are
lowering their rates and therapists are calling him for work and asked me what
specials am i doing in the summer. I said NONE ! I said I was just fine ( in
reality summer here is dead and to cut my rates would slit my own throat so to
speak) That made him think maybe he had a worthy therpist that didnt suffer
because of the work i do regardless of the economy I am still in demand ... he
never asked again and is still my client two years later :D

#3: I have a weekly 90 minute that i see and he talked me into X off so he is X a
week which IMO is better then zero but i told him it would have to be a standing
appointment ( every thursday at 4 ... i saw him today because he is leaving town
tomorrow) but since its regular with few changes in schedule its good for me ...
I also offer stylists and others in my building massage for X an hour ( regular
rate is X )
friends and family the same pretty much , when i worked for a spa I made X
an hour on massage they carged Z for soooo if you do the math its not a
bad deal AND hopefully will bring other clients ..

#4: If you have your own practice what advise would you give to someone who has decided to open their personal practice; looking back when you began? The Do's and Don'ts and what you would have done better? Words of wisdom :)

#5: I really love,Valerie Worwood,She has some of the best mixes,I like to tweek them a little for some clients.Also,Julia Lawless has the book called "An Illustrated Guide" and I just love the way the oils are detailed,if you haven't seen it you must check it out. I love working with pure essential oils,I can't even imagine not using them in my massage practice.P.S.It is a good time of the year to add a little tea tree to your mixes,it really seems to give the immune system a kick in the butt!

#6: Its like making a salad dressing really... you blend all oils and melt them in a stainless steel pot on low heat. in the meantime make the water/borax blend (that thickens the lotion)
When all melted use a mixer to blend oil and water.
The trick for keeping the oil and water from separating is blending it for a long time! 1/2 hr at least
Make sure all tools and clean and sterile.
I add aromatherapy later, cuz I like to keep unscented lotion handy as well for the sensitive people. the type of oils can be easily changed if some one is allergic to almond oil or other oils.

If you try it, Let her know how it goes!

Before anyone asks, these are all people whose milk language is American English.
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