Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


Notepad (for training) set out to take tomorrow, pens in purse, folder with papers they wanted filled out in purse, alarm set, water bottle in car, DL, millitary dependent's ID, socsec card, and certified BC in purse, directions to Eric C's (I'm picking him up) in folder and went by his house yesterday so I know where it is....and no fracking idea what to pack for lunch.

Clothing laid out, makeup (as basic as it gets -- powder and lipstain) in car. Also small bottle of Theives' Oil.

Likely wuss out and grab Wendy's just so I don't have to stress about it...then go to the grocery tomorrow evening and *decide* what I'm gonna like. And a few almonds or somesuch to put in premeasured packets so I don't not-eat and get fuzzy, and a Luna bar or three just-in-case.
Tags: call center, life, thieves' oil, work
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