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Question which may come off as rude...

but I do want opinions here.  I do NOT want fights or flaming, this is an honest question and I would like input from those who have thought about it and can help me see their reasoning.

I've been told -- several times -- that GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and Homosexuality are not the same thing. 

So, if you have a genetic male with a genetic female, that's "straight," right?

If you have a genetic male with GID, who is predominantly female in spirit, with a genetic female, is that still "straight"?

If you have a genetic male who has undergone GRS, etc, to make the outside match the inside, but to all outward appearances (casual/social/etc), is female with a genetic female, this is still "straight" but has the appearance of lesbianism/homosexuality?  Or is this now a lesbian relationship?  Is the determining factor genetics (XY vs XX), the spirit, or the appearance?

Feel free to switch the genders above if it makes you more comfortable.

Granted it doesn't MATTER (or it shouldn't) and it's just all labels anyhow...I'm just asking how others decide which label to apply.

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