Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

New schedules and stuff

I had been a tad concerned about my bookswappage sites and all b/c I'd be able to get to the local post office one day a week once the new job (!!!yay!!!) starts -- then realized -- there's a PO right next door in the same building.  Walk out the door, turn right, and there it is.  And DH mentions "Well, you COULD ask ME!" but Honey, you do so much for me anyhow I hate to put more on you!

Across the parking lot is a supercenter with a branch of my bank inside.  There's a Wendy's and a pasta-type place and a Sally's, and Michael's Crafts is right across the street.

If there were a gym with a discounted membership in the same complex, I'd be over the moon!
Tags: books, job hunt!, randomosity
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