Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Swap-Circle post

Please to comment here if you're interested --

Packet will be started with a handful of imps/decants; please take what you wish and replace with a similar amount.
Mail to next person within one calendar week.

Please send your mailing address and LJ name to me at FifthHouse at gmail.com OR zianuray at livejournal.com, subject line BPAL round robin.
Those I don't already know I'll want to check feedback, so please include a link to that.

So far:

1. zianuray
2. dianthus_pink **
3. sassenach_joy   **
4. agameofthree  **
5. softlywhispered ?
6. nrl1978 **
7. gypsyjolie **
8. ondiney **
10. zianuray

** = I have your address and info -- thanks!

? = Need address before tomorrow; email address and any feedback links to FifthHouse at gmail dot com, pls.
Please check back to this post for updates -- and looks like we have enough people to actually have the circle :)

Link to S&S post here

Tags: bpal, roundrobin
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