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Vending at Celtic Heritage Festival in Bufflao, MO

Was fair-to-good for me -- cost for the space was $40 including electric, and we camped Friday night -- and I took in over $200.  Even allowing for materials and gas, i think I made money!  Partly due to sewfastdancer and her "sister" (Heather?) as I comped them each a trinket and said "just tell people where you got it!"  I think they sent me at least 15 customers -- buyers, not looky-loos.  Excellent investment! *firm nod*

Jewelry sold best here, with soap a distant second and candles trailing in the dust -- one packet of 3 votives!

akaemilyrose will be posting about something that tickled him, so I'll leave that for him!

AND this weekend -- Saturday the 19th, 11 am to 6 pm -- I'll be at Fassnight Park.  This is the last chance I'll have to do any vending for perhaps a year, and I'd rather sell it than store it, so make an offer -- just, like, don't expect to get a dragon candle for 27c, awright?  (And now I'll know who read this when someone offers me 28c!)

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