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*Sort-of Book Review

Setting Suns by Elizabeth Donald (reannon )

OK, it's been out a few years; I just got a copy Saturday.

And this is good stuff. 

Short horror stories, some very short, that have me checking the closet and under the bed.  Mostly of the "Hmmm...y'know, that's just possible...WHATWASTHAT?!?!"  I like horror movies and stories and books...most I wind up laughing at.  These, not so much -- there's humor in appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) places, much like real life, and that just makes them more real, more possible.

And the little notes about what inspired each one or what was going on as it was written are a great touch.

*Sort-of because I don't know the first thing about writing a book review, or a book for that matter.

And no, she didn't ask me to say anything; I don't have anything like her amount of readers on here! :)

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