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So I got a job answering phones and scheduling vacations for time-share owners -- this is a good thing. 40-hour weeks making people happy (except when I can't) -- I know there WILL be some that won't get their first choice, and part of my job is trying to find acceptable alternatives.  There were several people in the group I met that had worked for this firm before and were delighted to get back with them; I consider that a good sign.  And the bennies seem to be good.

Once training is over, however, I'll be on a Tuesday - Saturday schedule so a lot of my vending won't happen.  MAYbe I can, like, get someone at VisionCon to let me have part of their table for just Sunday for a pro-rated fee?  And I know, I'd have to buy a badge, but that's part of it :D

I should have enough vacation time saved up to do Barataria Faire, though!  And recovery time....


8 hours a day, .5 hours for lunch, minimum 47 minutes one-way travel time...so I'm letting the massage room in Monett go. It gave me a base of operations for a year, but even with all the marketing I did and networking I didn't break even. People keep telling me "It's the economy, it'
ll get better" and yes, it will -- but to pay a months rent when I CAN use it eight days...well, not really.  I have to give two months notice; I'll be out at the end of September and just pay the second month.  Saves another $15 on the Monett business license, since it would be up for renewal at the end of October. 

Kind of sad about it, I really tried to make a go of it, but I guess the time wasn't right.  I'd discussed going to KC, but with only one regular client and one small-business client, that wouldn't have paid the bills either and those bills would have been higher there.

NO, I'm not giving up massage; yes, I'll be doing on-site and maybe outcall and I have a couple of people I'll be doing reflexology on as sort of a learning process for me (link here as I'd like one more).  I'll be keeping my license and CEUs up-to-date, and I'll continue to look for somewhere I can practice on days off so I can build a clientele.  Heck, I'm already negotiating to bring my chair in to the call center one day a week!  (Day OFF, of course.)

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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