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People on the Springfield - Monett corridor (MO), I need your help --

I have been looking more into Reflexology since training in it during school, and would like to get three volunteers with (preferably) chronic health issues to work on. 

Volunteers would need to:

Be of legal age or have a parent/guardian's permission AND physical presence at each session.

Be willing to write a report of what they experienced during each treatment and any effects they attribute to the Reflexology for possible posting on my website and/or in a letter to a professional journal.  Of course, identifying data will be kept private unless release is specifically agreed to for verification purposes.

I may also ask to use you as a reference (without details) on various applications for work at spas, DC offices, etc.  No obligation on this, of course!

You must have a regular time available each week for sessions, probably one hour twice a week for three weeks then one hour a week for three weeks.

Sessions may take place at your home, my home, your office, or my office in Monett.  If you wish to open your home/office to accommodate all three clients (or perhaps rotate homes?) so I can make one trip up each session, I'd be grateful.

Comments on this post are screened to protect your privacy; yes I will take two clients from one household; you will only know who the others are if they see fit to mention it (as in, if you are one of my "test subjects" and offer your home for a meeting point, I will ask the others if they are comfortable meeting there and with you knowing that they are getting treatment.  I will not divulge any details about what you are being treated for nor your identity except that you have offered us a place to meet).  All information is covered by HIPPA, of course.

Comments will not be replied to as this unscreens them, so please include your email address.

If you know someone who might be interested, send them to this entry -- my main thing right now is that I will NOT travel farther than Springfield and prefer to do all appointments in one trip. 

There will be a certain amount of paperwork; consent forms and a health history at a bare minimum.


Read a reflexologist's letter to others


Reflexology page on my site (under construction)

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