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So...any herbalists/wildcrafters in the area who'd be willing to come over and walk the acreage with me? I really should have a better idea of what's out there, and a lot of plants look so much alike to me that I could be dangerous.  Payment to be rendered in barter, please.

Will be moving the chandlery from the shed into the basement over the next few days -- I need to ask turlock  (or someone) to help me with the 60# boxes of wax! There's already a stove and a sink down there, so that'll be convenient.

The jewelry-stuff stays upstairs, though -- much better light!

Applied at two more Springfield salons yesterday -- and still looking wherever else I can convince myself I qualify for. 

Facebook is just crazy -- WAAY to many games and pokes and apps and whatevers.  However, Katie (from my high school years) and Toni (same) found me, so it's all good :) 

Got a note from a former priestess/teacher of mine, she's planning to come to PitP next month and maybe we will have time to catch up a bit.  Speaking of which (or witch?) I don't think Katie and Toni from the previous paragraph have figured out my current path, as they're both still talking to me :D

The sign at the local salon "Massage Therapist Wanted" is still up.  *schadenfreude* (Is that the right word?)  I don't know if she can't keep 'em or if she kicks 'em out.  I know I'm not gonna find out. 

The girls are planning to be over for the "Hundred Mile Yard Sale" this weekend, and we'll be clearing out some of the stuff they no longer want from the garage. 

I've been looking for some binder inserts I got awhile back -- should have at least 5 packages left, and I know where I put  them downstairs.  And they're not there.  These are the ones that you stick a magazine through them and then into a binder for keeping-them-together.  I got 12 packs of a dozen, and I have NOT used that many.  And they're not where I put them.  To quote akaemilyrose, "damn Pookas!"

Looking up khaleegy on youtube, and rather disappointed -- the videos I've found totally don't have the "show-off" entry, the "flirt" phase, or the "unveiling" -- every one is 50% hair tossing minimum and some are just walk in and start flippin' the hair about.  I've had ONE lesson years ago and I remember more than these show.  Some don't even have the specific side-half-step travel, just walk around shaking their head and teats!

Ran across some notes from the first massage course I took -- the one that the school closed in the middle of? -- and it wasn't as long ago as I'd thought -- '98, according to the dates on the papers.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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