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Writer's Block: The Right to Privacy

Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?
OK, several parts to this, IMO.

Celeb = public eye.  If you're out in public, and you wanna be a star (movie, sports, whatEVer) expect people and cameras and reporters and paparazzi. 

Politician -- from dogcatcher to President:  If you're running for office, you will have no privacy and since you knew this when you signed up, no bitchin'.  Many offices require you to open your financial records; you know this going in.

That said -- if you're in your own home, anyone sticking a camera in the window is invading your privacy and most likely trespassing.  If it's a telephoto lens from across the street, it's STILL invasion of privacy, and I'd entertain a charge of 'tresspass by proxy." If they get shot or dog-bit, they knew where the fence was and it's their problem.  Lawyers and courts should not need to get involved.  Cops may be called by the homeowner to sweep up the pieces; aside from that, stuffit.

IF you invite the press into your home for an "event" or party, expect that they will snoop.  Not all will, most are probably quite respectable, but there's that one-percent that will NEVER disappoint you and will give the rest a bad name.

If you have domestic help, security, whatever, expect that at least 20% are in the process of a) ripping you off to sell the goods and/or b) selling information to the highest bidder and/or c) having parties in your home to impress their frineds who are bringing people THEY want to impress who are (back to a).

I would apply this to anywhere you are "using as a home(base)" -- a friend's pad,hotel room, trailer on the movie lot, office, limo -- and the staff there as well.

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