Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Monday, what is it good for?

On the job-hunting front:

Freshening up my "other" resume for a possible retail job; anyone here know me well enough to be willing to let me give you as a reference?  (I don't know how much detail this place wants yet -- some want home AND work phone and addresses; others just want a phone number.)

There'll be a cattle call Thursday and I want my dogies all in one corral before then!  (Hey, at least I didn't mix metaphors!)

And I'm getting more cards and postcards and flyers out, and remembering to re-do the CL ad every few days, and sending resumes to anywhere that looks promising for the massage...I'm certain when things finally click for me I'll have to decide between two or three offers; I just wish they'd GET here!


Got The Demon Redcoat by ccfinlay   -- third in the Traitor to the Crown series, I believe.  I have the first but have not yet obtained the second, they read well as stand-alones though. 

One of the books I requested through PBSwap has not arrived a month after it was marked mailed -- this is the exception rather than the rule.  My credit was refunded, but darn it, I'd rather have the book!  Not like it is particularly hard to find, I just would rather have swapped for it :)

Home life:

Went to the Drive-In last night to see GIJoe -- the sound quality was horrid, worse than I remember -- there was JUST enough delay and overlap from the various speakers to render all conversation unintelligible.  SO glad DH got the novelization and i read it first!  (That also kept me from having a conniption over some of the non-canon bits.)

Will be having company again this week -- bessofhardwick  and quartermasterjh  are parking here for a bit!  Yay!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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