Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

There's a difference between *free* and "free"

Triggered by a post from gythiawulfie 

Those of you who perform energy work, divination, etc.:

Do you charge?  Why do you charge?  How much do you charge?  How do you decide how much to charge?  Do you take barter, service for service, if you don't accept cash?

Why did you decide to NOT charge?  Do you ever accept a donation for, say, the animal shelter or on behalf of someone who is having a rough time?

I know a person* who will NOT charge for tarot readings or energy work -- but they'll call you up a few days later and do the whole "Oh, I'd just love to go here or do that or have this, but it's just too much trouble/money/etc.  Can you drop me off there and watch my kids and pick this up while I'm busy?"  *Sorry, I have clients that day.*  "Oh, well, I thought since I didn't charge for that (reading that took about 20 minutes at a venue we were both at anyway), you might be willing to help me out with this (which will involve about 5 hours counting travel time and several gallons of fuel, and buying food for the aforementioned kids).  SOR-ree to have BOTHered you!"  Now if they had said "barter for services" and arranged a time, that would be one thing, but I'm not canceling paying clients to encourage this individual's guilt-tripping tour guide business.  (I have been told by others that they have also been put to this.)

Just to clarify, I pay for whatever service I require now, or have a specific deal laid out.  And NOT with this person!

*No-one on this list, obviously.

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