Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Possible Craft Party

Would anyone be interested in getting together to make holiday cards sometime in August/September?

I have a notion of several people bringing old cards, any stickers/scraps/wrapping paper glue/scissors/rubberstamps/inkpads/etc and spending investing enjoying a few hours making Halloween/TG/WinterHoliday/Birthday cards, drinking tea/coffee/pop and visiting.

Not necessarily five hours in a row, the door is locked at the start time -- more like a day-party where people come and go. 

I'll offer my place, but I know it's a bit far for most of you (KC, OK, etc.).  If anyone more centrally located wishes to offer, or if you know of a place that will let us go and do this that's cool too.

This is intended mostly for the folks in the Sprungburg, MO area, but if you're in the area anyhow feel free!  Crash space will likely be available :D

Tags: curiosity, friends. party!, halloween, hand made, holidays
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