Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Over-planning: redux

(Hoping I used that right -- I meant it to be like, "Take two, after editing".)

Some of you were kind enough to indulge me with answers to this poll weeks ago, and now it's time to start thinking about specifics.  Here's what I need this time:  Since LJ doesn't have a scheduling spreadsheet that I can find, and I don't know how to make one,

1)  I'll have a paper at the booth with specific times for after-gate appointments -- likely for the between-evenings only.  If I get there the night before, which is possible, I will take walk-ins after I'm set up and before I collapse.

2)  Probably going with only 15 and 30 minute appointments as we'll all be tired and I don't want to overdo either of us!

3)  Won't be doing full-body deep-tissue for the same reason -- if there's a specific area, I'll work it, but too hot/humid and I don't want people getting sick which CAN and DOES happen. 

4)  Standard rates are a dollar a minute, barter encouraged (no children or other livestock).

4a)  Bartered items may be offered for sale the next day or at another faire or event. 

4b)  Exception to the "no children" rule may be made if it looks like I'll need errands run the next day, in which case the services of a responsible page or squire may be requested.  You MUST take the  page/squire back at the end of the day!!!!!

5)  Services offered will include chair, reflexology, Reiki, & aromatherapy during the Faire day (available to patrons as well).

5a)  Table will be added in the evenings.  (Molly's request.)

5b)  I plan to have a bucket of water with clean rags for feet and/or other areas that need de-funkifying per Cat's and Julie's suggestions.

6)  Some aromatherapy preparations will be available for cast and crew ONLY --  don''t want to get into the whole "But she didn't SAY not to drink it!" thing with the general public.  (Thieves' Oil, After-Sun Spray, BugOff...)

Crass(er) Commercial Announcements Follow

6a)  If you have said you want certain items and would like to pick them up first thing, feel free to email or PM me and request a Paypal invoice -- this means you won't have to be bothered with paying for it on site and it will be ready when you walk into the booth and introduce yourself! 

6b)  If you wish to prepay a massage session or two, again, feel free!  This just means you'll not have to worry about forgetting your pouch.  Also, this means you can use CC/DC as all I can accept on-site will be cash/checks.

6c)  Prepaid sessions CAN be assigned to someone else, but I need the person who paid to tell me who gets it and how long.

Tags: aromatherapy, faire, massage
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