Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Help needed (Shaddup, Jeff)

So everyone here knows by now that I'm doing massage at White Hart Faire this year, right?  I sure babble about it enough!

I generally vend soaps, candles, etc., but this time I'll have just a very small selection of these, more b/c people have learned to expect dragon candles from me.

I will have a reflexology recliner, a table, and a massage chair with me in my booth.  Now the difficulty -- the vendor coordinator (and owner of the site and faire) wants the chair hidden from view as it is "not period."

Well, I can toss a sheet over it -- but that'd get real dirty real fast, and would have to be removed/replaced for each customer and I just don't have THAT many sheets!  (No laundry on/near the site -- this is RURAL.)

I can use "curtains" to block view into the booth -- which will increase the heat and be much rougher on me.  Even with good signage, this would cost custom as people wouldn't see what I have to offer.

At least two other faires that have a massage vendor allow the equipment to be out in plain view, but this is supposed to be a more historically accurate setting, so...ideas?

ETA:  Remember, this all has to fit in my car in one trip....
Tags: faire, halp!, massage, vending
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