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DH had been told of a "Superman Museum" in Carterville, and according to the web it is open 4-10, Sun - Thurs (he says).  We left here about 3:20 and got there at 4:19....and a sign on the door said "Fri - Sun, 5 - 9"

Yesterday we made a trip to Springfield mainly to go to a specific shop -- sign on the door said "Closing early Friday, will be in reg time Saturday" -- and it's an hour and a half after opening and ... still closed.  Got the number out of the phone book and called -- someone ANSWERED the SHOP number, and said she had decided to take the weekend off because her husband had made it in for the weekend.  Now yeah, Hubby is important, but we had checked the day before and "Oh, I'll be here all day!"  so WTF? 

Am I out of line to be a tad annoyed that we made a 34-mile-one-way trip, about an hour each way, on her word, to be disappointed?

And that we made another trip of an hour and 60 miles each way today?  (Believe me, Carterville has nowhere to kill an hour on a Sunday afternoon.)  He could have at least updated the site!
Tags: bitch and moan, customer disservice
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