Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


Now that's a term I have some trouble with -- it's not that I find it offensive by any means, I'm just indecisive! 

What's my favorite flavor? 
Well do you mean for lipbalm, pie, chips or cheese?

Favorite color
?  To wear, on a wall, on a car...?

Favorite book
?  I'd have to say the one that I blame for starting me thinking -- if what I do qualifies -- would be Stranger in a Strange Land.  Then, what helped me figure out better where I stand -- and when to rethink a stance -- would be Starship
and the Callahan Yarns (including Lady Sally's books, of course).

Song?  Whoo, THAT's a list and a half!  Am I driving or dancing, digging the garden or working on a client or meditating or in circle?  What time of day is and what mood am I in?  What's the purpose of music at that moment for me? 

i think I don't have "real" favorites, just situational favorites -- and even those change all the time!

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