Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

WADF? Or just wishin'?

This post by bobthefalconer  reminded me of a dream I had a few weeks ago -- I was away from home picking herbs for my cabinet, when I heard a shot and looked up to see a raptor in full dive heading for me.  Some reason I threw up my left arm to catch her, though I was NOT wearing a glove or protection of any sort, and when she landed she took care not to scratch me.  (Yeah, I SAID it was a dream, OK?)

I tossed a towel I had along over my shoulder, and she relocated there and just stayed with me -- shoulder or a few feet away -- until I was done, then followed me back to the vehicle and followed that back to the house!  Anytime I was outside after that she was right there,and I could watch her hunting in the field out back -- when I was repotting some stuff, she sat on my straw sunhat like Lady Val does Bob!  (I'm just saying "she" as I have no idea how to tell.) 

I remember thinking "I have to post and ask Bob what to DO about this!"  I mean, she was sleeping in the old barn, but "what responsibilities do I have toward someone who seems to have adopted me as a pet?  Is the Conservation Department liable to get shirty about her with me?"  All the panicky things that probably had no bearing at all -- I mean, if she's here and staying of her own will, and I'm not trying to "keep" her, what could they do anyhow? 

So anyhow, yeah, likely just wishing rather than WADF. 

Still...I kinda miss her.

Tags: dream, faire
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