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Trek movie

OK, good things and gripes both, of course.  Anyone here still planning to see it?  Def. NOT canon, if anyone was expecting that -- though might be setting up for a new canon with that whole "Alternate Universe" quip.

Uhura and Spock?  Well, they always did get along in TOS, but planting a liplock on a superior officer in the turbolift (and on the transporter pad, and...) is not exactly SOP -- even in StarFleet.  Although it seems there was some backstory we didn't get due to time constraints.  OK, who's gonna write that up?

I didn't think much of how they got Scotty involved, and there was the whole "Here's your formula" thing again like in the one with the whales (The Voyage Home?), and he (the character) has a lot of growing yet to do.  Which is another reason I think there's gonna be a whole new series with this crew-niverse (if not this cast).

And how gorram stupid is it, when you have three people inserting into a hostile environment, to load ALL the explosive charges oh ONE person?  Doesn't SOP call for divvying up the payload?

Heck, between Bones and Kirk, StarFleet's looking like the French Foreign Legion.  Messed up?  Got a record?  Wife took the house, the kid, AND your balls?  Join StarFleet!

How old is Kirk supposed to be when he crashes his step-dad's car?  Looks about 8, acts about 13.  Woodshed time, if not the barrel method. 

Annnnd we're back to the miniskirt uniforms for the women.  Howdaheck are you supposed to be able to work in those?  Seriously -- I've worn 'em, back when I could, and they were far from practical.  I'm going to assume matching "trunks" like cheerleaders have. 

DH would like to know what the "Red Matter" is, the whole "5Ws and One H" bit. 
I figure it's more technobabble.

 More later, as it processes.

BTW, is the novelization out yet?  DH likes to read it before he sees the movie b/c he generally can't make out large portions of the conversations, and it really would have helped this time. 

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