Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Can-o-Worms time....

There's some amount of noise being made about this person being discharged from the military because he came out of the closet on national TV.

And here, this fellow was dismissed "because of anonymous emails" -- but after the discharge, says, "Oh, yeah, I'm gay.  I just didn't say so out loud."

Now the second one I would take issue with the discharge, as there was no proof nor on-the-record acknowledgment of the point.

BOTH parties, however, say they knew about the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy going in, and both DID, in fact, take oath anyway.  Read down aways on the second link -- supposedly there was evidence of at least three liaisons while he was on active duty, and the emails apparently came from one of these persons. 

But the guy -- a West Pointer?!?! -- in the first article linked?  Comes out ON TELEVISION and expects nothing to be done????  I think he was looking to be released from his obligation and knew this would do it.  Then tries to claim he "doesn't want to live a lie"?  What, pray, did he think he was doing when he raised his hand?

Also, if "The President" (an office, not a person), can m/l do away with the policy, doesn't that mean any president in the last few decades could have done away with it?  (See first link, third paragraph.)

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