Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Wolverine Movie

DH says to me: 
"Just to be sure I have this straight, we're going to a movie this week because you have the hots for Hugh Jackman, and next week because I have the hots for the Enterprise?"

My response:  "Sounds about right!"

He's not a Wolverine fan, and DC has a bigger slice of his heart and mind than Marvel (due to Supes and the Bat) though he does know about the original X-men comics.  He seems to approve of Cyclops' attitude as "being responsible" -- my take is "Does he have to be such a stick-up-the-@$$ about it?"

He did say he has a better appreciation for and understanding of Wolverine's character and motives after this movie.

The way they had Sabertooth move -- almost like a big cat -- was cool.  I don't recall seeing that in the first movie, and I missed the next two; will have to go watch them.

We didn't manage to spot Cap in the scrum, and I didn't see Stan Lee at all, even in the credits!  Has he quit doing cameos?  :(

WARNING:  comments may contain spoilers!

Tags: jackman, movies
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