Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

That went better than expected....

I drove the little pickup for the first time today -- it is certainly NOT proportioned right for me, but we did get the riding mower out of the ditch without hitting anyone or causing traffic delays.  There is a stretch by the street that is a pretty steep (though short) slope, about two mowers wide and a 45% angle going to the fenceline (electric, btw), and the mower went a little too far south!  So DH comes and says "Y'know how we've been meaning to teach you to drive the truck?" it being a stickshift and I said "Oh S***."  So I got all nervous and did it and only killed it once when someone behind me (after we got things right and I was turning around) crowded me.  And I was scared.  I can drive the big stuff -- deuce-and-a-halves and 5-tons and wreckers...it's the little stuff that throws me!
Tags: about me, so far today
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