Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Somewhat of a dilemma...maybe

Got a call yesterday that could be good PR, could be more trouble than it's worth.

Someone has a daughter on total care, about 15 miles away over not-so-good roads (travel time would be at least 30 minutes one way) according to the phone number prefix.

Had an MT coming for several years to work on the daughter, but the MT raised her rates and she couldn't afford it anymore.  Taking the daughter to my office in Monett is out of the question, apparently, and calling any of the MTs in her own town (at least 3 that I know of) likewise.

She wants me to drive out every week to work with her daughter for an hour -- plus travel time of an hour, plus setup and all -- for $20 each trip. 

She can't afford regular rate, can't leave her name, didn't ask if there are options or if I'd take insurance.  If she's been primary care for someone for years, wouldn't she know to ask about insurance?  If she's a distraught mother, wouldn't she ask about barter or somesuch?

I've had several people try to scam me already, and I just don't know if this is another.  I feel bad that she can't afford the regular rate and that I don't feel I'd be breaking even.  If she'd be willing to work with me on options -- like getting me referrals from her church, support network, whatever -- I'd work with her in return, but just "No.  Gimmie."  bugs me. 

Granted the daughter has a raw deal (if she exists), as does the mother (as supposedly primary caregiver),  but I've hauled table to out-of-the-way places before and been told, "Oh, s/he's not here -- well, since you're here, you can work on me while you wait!"  (When you tell them the rate, they insist "But you're already here!  It's not like it's going to COST YOU anything!")  Which would be OK IF they'd pay me for the work, but that wasn't in their game plan.  And I consider that a scam, too.

Does anyone know how I can find out if this gal is on the up-and-up?  What really makes me suspicious is that it seems none of the MTs in her own town are willing to work with her, or why would she be calling someone from elsewhere?

And before y'all get all "UR being MEEN" on me, yes I do have some "charity cases" that pay a greatly reduced rate.  As well as my other tings I do including blood and sweat (but not tears so far, except when the needle slips).

ETA:  And the votes are in...and I'm leaving it well alone.

Tags: appearances, discussions, ethics, massage business, problem, wtf?
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