Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Puzzled / Annoyed

To others who are doing the whole interview thing, and to interviewers:

1)  When does "I'll let you know by Thursday" mean "I'll let you know by Thursday" and when does it mean "No, but I don't want to actually SAY that"?

2)  Is there a way to tell the difference without waiting in vain for a call?

3)  When is it a good idea to call and say "Hi, it's Friday and you said you'd let me know by yesterday" and when is that a REALLY BAD idea?  And how to tell the difference?

4)  If someone is gonna lie to me from the start, do I really want to work for/with them anyhow?  (Hint:  I'm pretty darn sure the answer is Not-Just-No....)

5)  Is the situation described in the second part of #1 an actual lie, or a socially mandated/sanctioned circumlocution?

6)  Why does the word "sanction" and its tenses have two opposing meanings?  Which is the more widely accepted meaning?
Tags: discussions, job hunt!, massage business
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