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Too much of a good thing.

When I was in class, we were taught that being too long on the table, especially prone, could be "debilitating," as in you'd feel worse after the massage than before.

Yesterday, that massage-swap, I found out that an hour face-down followed by 40 minutes face-up is somewhat past my limit.    I still feel hungover.  Yeah, that's with the cal-mag supplements. 

OH!  MaMa Jean's again tomorrow, 11 - 6, booked a client for Friday morning, and another for Saturday afternoon (or did I mention Saturday already?), and a meet with someone who is hiring for a salon/spa (sounds like W2-employee rather than IC, but right now that's OK with me).

Also, depending on the weather/temp, may set up at Farmers' Market Saturday morning just to get people used to the idea!

duane_kc , brotherwilliam , check back here and let me know how I did!

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