Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Farmers' Market

In Aurora, there are two farmers' market associations -- at the same park.

The one I just joined gives each member a copy of the vending license (for the city) so you can set up any day you wish.

"Regular" days are Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, any day it's barely tolerable out.

Day pass is $1 day for up to 5x.

A year's membership is $15. 

Guess who signed up?

And they're trying to get access to a "certified kitchen" for members to use for jams and relishes and soaps and such.


I will have to be relatively careful about my wares -- the little pretty bottles are "no" but if I put oils in them I mixed, that's OK.  The item-which-is-for-sale must be homemade/handmade.  But of course, massage is handmade!  So I can set the chair up too!  Wheee!
Tags: candles, jewelry, massage business, soap, vend
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