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Over a week ago, I called a certain salon in Springfield for an interview to see if they'd rent me the room advertised (for massage, natch).  Went in, had the interview, "we'll let you know."

A couple of days later, i posted a CL ad saying that I was looking to rent a room for this purpose.

The husband of the gal who had interviewed me responded saying that I should call her for an interview.

NOW there is another ad up, and from the looks/phrasing I believe it's the same salon and the same people.

It's in a decent location, etc., and the price is bog-standard for the area, so I'm wondering if they're just too picky or if there's something ~wrong~ that I'm not picking up on.

I did mention that I'd be happy to audition at their convenience, just LMK when...

In Other News, there's an open house this Saturday at the Herb Depot (where I have my studio) and both therapists will be doing free 5-minute chair rubs that day.  I've also posted that if you book for the month of April (and yes, I'll be including the last week of March in that) you get $20 off your one-hour session.  And that I'll be having a drawing for one free session.

Going to ask the other gal if she'd like to set up a tip jar between us with the contents going to, say, a no-kill shelter or the Humane Society or somesuch.

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