Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Questions about FMS

I've had a couple of clients with FMS, and what one of them tells me is totally different than the other as far as pressure, etc.

One wants the very lightest touch possible, more a brushing with the fingertips, the other wants more pressure than I'd use on a cranky weightlifter!

I know some of you on my FL have Fibro, can you shed any light on this?  I had the notion it was a very tender condition, that a mild breeze could be too much some days, and this gal that basically wants all 350# of me balanced on one elbow over a pressure point scares me.  (So I "be the grownup" and go lighter than she says she wants, and she falls asleep anyhow so I take it I'm doing ok!)

Is there really THAT much difference in how it presents, or is she perhaps mistaken?  She had trouble remembering the diagnosis, and supposedly she's had it for over 15 years.  Seems odd, that.

What questions SHOULD I ask of clients presenting with FMS?   What is an intake question and what should be asked EACH time aside from the obvious like "What are you here for today, any special concerns"? 

And please, send anyone who can contribute to this post.
Tags: massage, questions (non-rhetorical)
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