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authors, editors, proofreaders, and where/how the three intersect.

I just caught an egregious error in the fourth book of the Dresden Files -- Summer Knight -- and was wondering if anyone would pay attention and maybe see about fixing it for the next printing (b/c it totally threw me out of the scene -- "WTF?  That's not in the BACK!"  fussfumerant  "Well, maybe the editor changed it or something."  "Whatev." *annoyance*)

Who would I email about it, and would anyone even read it if I tried?

AND I'll bet a LOT of other people caught it, and several may already have written in, but I don't know that yet, do I?

Chapter 17, first paragraph, if anyone wants to check me.

Or maybe it HAS been fixed by now -- I'm not sure when this exact copy was printed, only that we bought it new a couple of months ago.

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