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went well, I think -- only a dozen clients, but since I'd had practically no notice and no time to get signs up I'm not disappointed.  The store manager-on-duty was, predictably, the first one, but he seemed pleased and tipped well.  (For the area, and for the amount of time.)

Several people who didn't have time just then asked for my card, and 5 who did take time left either email or phone with a request that I contact them when i was coming back! 

I have access to pictures I can use for such things on the ABMP website; I will work up a flyer and post it on their corkboard next time a week or so before I go in.  So do I want hot/active/red colors for attention, or cool/calming/blue colors for relaxing?  Details, details!

Here's what I'd come up with so far:

Are you stressed?

(Who isn't these days?!)



with a

Chair Massage


Here at MaMa Jean's


on Thursday, March 19

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


No appointment necessary



Massage by My Name Here

MO # lic number


Standard Rates $1 / minute

Ask about on-site services for your business or event!

email address
phone number

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