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DH's Mom, my mother-in-law whom we buried nearly three years ago after a rapid decline and being "pronounced" at the ICU, is actually alive!

AND still living here with us, in this house!

AND not answering her phone, so Missouri Gas and Energy shut off the gas today.

AND since she's alive, they never got her death certificate three years ago (OH yes they did), so they'll only speak to her about it.

Yes, the lawyer's assistant is ON it, and theoretically they'll be back out this evening to turn it back on. 

No, we're fine, the weather has warmed up and is looking to be pleasant enough for the next few days.  And if I do decide we need a motel, you can bet the lawyer is going to send the bill to the gas company.  But ghods, do I need a shower.

When they DO talk to her, I reeeeally want to be there.  And DH's boss at the paper wants the exclusive, with recordings.

This is the SECOND company to go cutting off service to a new account here (Estate Of) because the bills coming to the OLD account weren't paid, which they were paid until the time the account got changed over then the new bills got paid and the old account bills stopped coming, so of course if you've closed an account and no bills are coming you don't go pay them in addition to the bills to the new account, right?  Guess not!  *confused*

ETA:  Turned back on March 5th, while I was out.
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