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Those of you who know me IRL know I'm fat.  And that I've been working -- baby steps -- on getting fitter (I've never been skinny and don't want to BE skinny).  Size 20 is my long-term goal, with 16 as a final.

I've been having a few job interviews, and some interviews to see if I'd "fit in" with the other people at various salons, etc.  So far?  No bites.

I was thinking it might be my weight, as most of the others in the salons I've been to were thin, if not scrawny (I mean needs a belt to keep her jeans on her hips, I don't mean a size 12).

I posted in an online forum asking for feedback, and three people said "so lose weight."  One of them -- a student -- said "I've never seen any therapist who truely embodied a healing spirit who was obease."

 Aside from the excellent spelling skills there, she's certainly qualified to make that call.  Sheesh!  I'd guess she's not had much life experience, or her idea of a "healing spirit" is much different from (than?  I always have trouble with that.) what I look for. 

I'm just SO tempted to write back, "Hey, Jim, Missy and George, thanks so much for the advice!  I'd NEVER have thought to diet on my own!" 

Two other people have already swatted her, so I'm going to ignore the comment.

Several -- I quit counting when I teared up -- sent me encouragement and their own stories, and that's what I'm holding on to for now.

ETA:  I posted again to thank, by name, those who offered support, and added this:

Right now I do have a room in a small town nearby, but the location is
not the best. I live in an even smaller town, but may have a chance
at a better location nearer here (I'll be talking to the agent
tomorrow). It's next door to one salon and barely across the street
from another (and neither of them has ROOM for a massage table, much
less room for a room) and is on one of the two main boulevards for
this town, and right near the Farmers' Market.

I can't help thinking that if these people who are turning me down
would "let me audition" (take the free massage I offer as proof of my
skill/talent) we'd never have had this conversation.
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