Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Heeey Loreli!

[protected post] Free diapers

I saw this on another forum and just called and got accepted!

for girls call
1-888-342-7372 ext. 646

for boys call
1-888-342-7372 ext. 634

Arquest (the company doing the testing) sends you free diapers. Fill Out Survey when done with diapers. You will get a call back from Arquest then receive check for $10.

*They send you two packages of diapers through UPS, you try them out, answer a questionnaire (by phone) and when you complete that they mail you a $10 check. I'm just happy to get 2 packs of diapers for free! I don't have any association with this company, but the woman on the phone said that if I knew anyone elkse who could test to pass the info along.
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