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A novel idea....

The ever-alert zoethe  posted a link to an article about the octuplets' mom now having a PR firm.

The article also mentioned an estimate of what it's likely to cost just for the delivery and initial care of the 8 babies, and that she belongs to a church with more than 10,000 members.

How about this, Christians?  You're supposed to care for each other and support each other according to your New Testament, so here's an idea for you:  Each of you 10,000 members -- oh, you do tithe, of course, since that's also in your Bible, right? -- add one dollar per month to your envelope, designated for the care and feeding of her platoon.  I guarantee that's more than I ever hoped to make, and that should at least cover food and baseline clothing for the whole bunch.  If half of you added a dollar every other week, that'd be another 5k a month, which would more than cover a house with more than 3 bedrooms. AND her fracking sterilization!  (Ahem.  Was that my outside voice?)

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