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Halp! Computer

Computer things and I are not getting along again...

I have downloaded some books in zipped files from Baen Books -- legally, thank you.

I have the thing to unzip them.  SecureZIP for Windows.

I can't get the flippin' things to open, and yes I've tried the help file.  Some of the things it tells me to do I just do not understand.

Would someone be kind enough to either call me or let me call you and talk me through getting one of them open?  After that (and copious handwritten notes) I SHOULD be able to do it again.

PM me for phone number, or if you don't mind my having yours, PM that and a good time to call please.  I can pay in imps, fancy soaps, or jewelry like the stuff on my Etsy shop.  Or if you live close enough or will be somewhere I plan to be, massage.

OK, I can read the books -- though I'll have to delete everything I have already and download a different format to use with a different method.  Wheee!
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