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What book would you be?

I've read Fahrenheit 451 several times, starting in grade school.  Tonight I saw the movie.

In such a situation, would you be a book?  Which book?  Why?  (Please include the Author and date of publication, if you know it -- there are several books out there with the same title now!)

And none of this "Oh, I'd be the whole Tarzan series!" stuff.  ONE.

For purposes of this discussion, assume you CAN memorize an entire book; "Oh, I'd like to but..." is not an option right now.  Maybe I'll ask that question later!

"No, and here's why not" IS an option.

I don't think I need to say this, but NO SNARKING other folks' choices or reasons.

And please, feel free to link to this -- I want lots of responses to think about!

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