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Zia Nuray

Power-outs, etc., and musings thereon

For the record, I don't mind camping SCA-style -- there are porta-potties (ICK!  I'd rather use a bush and a shovel!) and you can (often) have a firepit or hibachi for cooking.

I've lived in a house with 4 rooms and a path, and in houses with a flush toilet for each occupant (or, as right now, one extra!).

I don't mind moving back into the basement to keep warmer, and I don't object to wearing a sweatshirt and heavy socks to keep warm.  Cooking on a camp stove or sterno is not a hardship, IMO.  Though I would like to be able to run water for cleanup (see next paragraph).  Lights?  Not a problem.  I make candles, remember?

What I do mind is that when the power goes out and you're on a well with an electric pump, there is one flush in each toilet and then things get gross.  And usually there isn't enough warning to fill buckets or the tub, unless I just want to fill them at random intervals.  (Someone hit a power pole last week.  No warning, and no power!) 

There is no "path" at this farm -- though I've been considering getting a composting toilet for the barn on days when I'm out there zoned out and forget that I may need to pee every 6 hours or so until the trip to the house (maybe as much as 20 yards) is made in a near-run...!  Or just a bucket and lid...and a curtain or screen for around it.  The doors are falling off and the windows in the BARN area (where this would be) are empty.  The SHED (my workshop, thank you Honey!) has two doors that pretty well prop closed and the windows are intact.  Small animals can get in, though, and the breeze in winter is...refreshing.

We found out a couple of years ago (that BIG ice storm) that the fireplace, while it is a real fireplace and it does work, is much better for ambiance than for providing heat.  There are blowers to help spread the heat, but they only work if you have....what?  Electricity?  Very good!  Give the lady a cigar!

I've told DH that if we wind up staying in this house, I want one of those generators that hooks to the natural gas line OR, better yet, solar (panels and water, pls) AND wind (to the battery pack).  This is Missouri, after all...if we don't have one, we sure have the other!  And I want the house re-insulated, I think what was there is all packed down.  Plus there's basically a "glass wall" in the great room...with ONE layer of glass between inside and out.  I've talked him into going shopping with me for hardware and curtains (so I don't get anything "too fancy"...though I'm more likely to get the simplest thing available). 

And I wouldn't mind turning part of the deck into a greenhouse.  I like tomatoes, and what's in the stores doesn't exactly count!
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